Sunday 6 March @ 3pm (Updated)

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What is Aerobic Gymnastics?


Want to come and try? Please complete our...



What do I bring to classes? 


  • Drink bottle

  • Bag (for all your items ie phone, clothing layers which may be removed etc) 

  • Please do not bring valuables, our club cannot guarantee their safety

We also do not send out emails for lost property items


What is “spirit week”?

This is the 2 week lead up prior to our major competition, Nationals, for all semi-competitive & elite-competitive teams. 
Teams have increased practice schedule; please always assume your team will have practice every day of “Spirit Week”.
100% attendance is required during spirit week (No exceptions inc. school camps)

What if I cannot compete at a competition?

Novice teams - have their competition entry invoiced per each competition. You will only be charged for what you do.
Semi-competitive – Set fee, no discount given. If you choose to miss one competition (with prior approval) then we will arrange an alternate who will compete on your behalf. Elite-competitive – N/A as no competition absences are allowed


What do the Membership Payments include?

We have an “all-inclusive” tuition price. Everything for 2021 is added up & divided by ten months to ensure feel payments are simple. Membership Payments include GST, Tuition for 10 months Jan-Nov, Nationals T-shirt, specialist coaching, equipment, admin & facility operating costs. 

When are Membership Payments due?

Membership payments are charged bi-monthly and charged the month prior. For example, April/May membership payment is charged in March. 

What Payment Methods do you offer?

We currently offer two payment methods, credit card or invoice. All invoices are to be paid within 2 weeks. 


What other costs are involved?

The only additional costs are Competition + Choreography Payments and Uniform/Costume Orders. To view a full breakdown click HERE.